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Roelien de Lange is a well-known artist, therapist and shamanic teacher. She is since 20 years a pioneer in the field of Shamanism and invited many Shamans, medicinemen and medicinewomen to the Netherlands.


Radio, television and the written media have given quite some attention to her work over the years. Together with collegues she founded the School of Shamanism. She is an international teacher, teaches in year courses and leads workshops and lectures.

The ecological Centre Findhorn in Scotland is a source of inspiration in her life since 25 years. She was co-founder of an ecological-spiritual study center in the Netherlands, where she worked for 18 years. On her travels she made long-term contact with different old cultures like the North and South American Indians, the Maori’s of New Zealand and the Kahuna's of Polynesia.


In Europe she befriended Celtic Druids and a shaman of the Samipeople of North-Scandinavia. The author works intensively with the Shaman Drum and with healing trancejourneys. Next to the books 'The Firegoddess' and 'Gaia's Power' the author produced a CD with Shamanic music for trancejouneys. CD and book can be used separately as well.

Roelien de Lange is ever growing in the Shamanic Consciousness and way of life. The textile-artworks of Roelien de Lange (see example above) are successfully published, since 15 years, in cards and posters, by Aurora productions (Netherlands).

Roelien de Lange